5 Things You Can Do This Spring to Help Animals

March 2018 | By VegNews

Did you find your great aunt’s fur coat in the attic and don’t know what to do with it? Many wildlife rehabilitation facilities use fur coats to offer comfort to injured or orphaned wildlife. Between now and Earth Day (April 22), Buffalo Exchange is operating their “Coats for Cubs” drive to encourage the donation of fur items for animals in need. Donations can be made at any of their locations throughout the United States.

Orphaned cubs rescued and hazed by rehab volunteers will be placed in artificial dens on Pikes Peak

Feb 2018 | By Denver Post

Seven orphaned bear cubs that Colorado wildlife biologists will set free Friday in artificial dens on the wild side of Pikes Peak — giving them a chance at survival — are victims of intensifying bear-human conflict that since 2013 has led to the euthanization of 570 bears, including their mothers.

Donate Old Furs by April 22 to Help Injured and Orphaned Animals Stay Cozy

Jan 2018 | By Hollywood Gazette

Buffalo Exchange, a pioneer in buying and selling recycled fashion, has begun collecting furs for its annual Coats for Cubs drive. Until April 22, customers can donate real fur coats and trimmings at the Hollywood store or any of the 49 Buffalo Exchange locations across the country. All collected furs are then sent to wildlife rehabilitators, where they are re-purposed into bedding that nurtures recovering wild animals, providing more warmth and familiarity than other options like towels and sheets.

Buffalo Exchange Forges a Community Closet

Jan 2017 | By The Lantern

“Our Coats for Cubs drive helps give furs back to the animals,” Buffalo Exchange vice president Rebecca Block said in a press release. “Many people inherit fur coats or simply change their mind about wearing fur. This program gives those people the option to repurpose their furs for the well-being of wildlife.”

Local Buffalo Exchange Helps Cubs One Fur Coat At A Time

Jan 2016 | By The State Press

For more than 10 years, Buffalo Exchange Tempe has supported Coats for Cubs, a non-profit organization that collects furs from around the country to give to animals for comfort when they are orphaned or abused.