Coats for Cubs is an annual fur drive that encourages the donation of fur items to aid in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals across the United States. All furs donated to the drive are sent to wildlife rehabilitators across the US, who use them as bedding to provide comfort and improve recovery times for orphaned and injured wildlife.

Coats for Cubs is operated solely by buy-sell-trade fashion retailer Buffalo Exchange, who, with the help of their customers, has collected 15,108 furs since 2006. Buffalo Exchange collects furs each spring at all of their store locations. We are not running this program in 2021. If you’d like to donate furs right now, we encourage you to ship them directly to one of the wildlife rehabilitators we work with.


How can I donate my furs?
During the spring donation period, you can drop your furs off at any Buffalo Exchange location.

What if I don’t live near a Buffalo Exchange location (or want to donate after April 22nd)?
Buffalo Exchange cannot accept fur shipments. If you don’t live near a Buffalo Exchange, contact one of these Coats for Cubs rehabilitation partners to see if they are currently in need of furs and confirm that you can mail it directly to them.

Can I donate faux or artificial fur items? How about fur scraps?
Buffalo Exchange can only accept genuine fur coats and stoles.

Do I get a receipt for my tax-deductible donation?
Buffalo Exchange is unable to provide tax receipts since they serve as the collection point only. Neither Buffalo Exchange nor Coats for Cubs is a non-profit organization. Buffalo Exchange simply facilitates the drive and covers the cost of labor and shipping to make it happen each year. 

Is this the same Coats for Cubs program that was once led by The Humane Society of the U.S.?
Yes. Following budget cuts, The HSUS requested that Buffalo Exchange maintain the program, which they happily continue to promote each spring.

Raccoons snuggling up in donated furs.