Donate Real Fur to Coats for Cubs at Buffalo Exchange

Resale store Buffalo Exchange collects used fur coats and accessories to benefit wildlife rehabilitation centers across the US

January 3, 2017 – Buffalo Exchange, an icon in environmentally friendly fashion, kicks off its popular Coats for Cubs drive, which recycles furs to benefit wildlife. From January 2 to April 22, customers can donate real fur coats and trimmings in any condition at Buffalo Exchange locations across the country. Wildlife rehabilitators then repurpose them into bedding to create a natural, nurturing environment for injured and orphaned animals.

“Our Coats for Cubs drive helps give furs back to the animals,” says Buffalo Exchange Vice President Rebecca Block. “Many people inherit fur coats or simply change their mind about wearing fur. This program gives those people the option to repurpose their furs for the well-being of wildlife.”

Though The Humane Society of the United States originally founded Coats for Cubs, Buffalo Exchange has been honored to carry on the program since 2006. Since then, the family-owned company has hosted the fur donation drive every year, collecting over 12,000 furs in total.  According to the Wildlife Rescue League, the warmth and familiarity of these real furs plays an important role in the overall well-being of orphaned and injured wildlife, speeding recovery times. Find out more at


A pioneer in resale fashion, Buffalo Exchange is a sustainable business that works to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. Customers buy, sell, and trade clothing, giving it a second life and reducing clothing pollution and waste. Since its beginning in 1974, this family-operated company has grown to 49 stores in 20 states. More information about the company can be found on its website as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.